iQuest, Cluj-Napoca
6-8 November 2019
Experience tech content in a different way.
Emerging topics. Live coding. Good vibes.

About us

Started in 2017, Mobile Unplugged is an international Mobile conference
where we turn up the volume on tech content and keep things casual.

Industry professionals share their take on new topics, perform live demos and
you can meet them onstage and offstage in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Android, iOS or both,
Mobile Unplugged is about fresh ideas and meaningful conversations.

See you in Cluj!

Companion app

The best companions at the conference are still your fellow Mobile fans.
The app will be here to help you share the experience with them and your personal fans.

Available soon…


  14 Somesului Street 400145,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  +40 (372)­ 343400