Luca Nicoletti

Luca Nicoletti

Android Engineer

Babylon Health

Italian engineer with a passion for tech & everything related. I started my development career working on both iOS & Android platforms; officially became an android developer when Ice Cream Sandwich was still in beta and never looked back at iOS. Fell in love with the green droid :android: & all of its ups and downs. Recently moved to London :cityscape:, I love food :curry:, reading books :books: (crime, fantasy, non-fiction) and practicing sports :runner::skin-tone-3:. I have a passion for UX/UI and try to apply this passion in the Android world.

Jetpack Compose - exploring a pre-alpha

Day 1, November 6 2019, 15.30 - 16.20

An intro to the new Jetpack Compose library from Google. The story behind exploring what they called a ‘pre-alpha stage’ library. What you need to know about Jetpack Compose: what it is, how it is supposed to be used, concerns about using it at this point, take-homes, lessons learnt.

George Soloupis

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George Soloupis

Certified Android Developer


A 12-year retail pharmacist turned android developer engineer - Certified Android Developer with 4 years of professional experience on the Android platform, having worked on various sdk versions and screen sizes. Have worked with RESTful APIs, Jsoup, Retrofit with strong adoption of UI design principles, patterns and best practices. Other experience on the Android platform includes usage of offline storage, Firebase and accelerometers. With academic experience on Deep Neural Networks from Udacity's school of AI, on Facebook's Deep Reinforcement Learning - Pytorch Scholarship.

Ioannis Anifantakis

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Ioannis Anifantakis

Software Development for Desktop/Mobile/Web


Hi there! I am excited to come from Greece to speak at Mobile Unplugged! I have a BSc & MSc in Computer Science and I am certified in Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Android Development. I've been working as a software engineer in the private sector for over 15 years, I've been a programming instructor since 2014 and a speaker at technology events since 2016. See ya on stage!

Introduction to Deep Learning and an Android Medical Diagnosis App Demo

Day 1, November 6 2019, 16.30 - 17.20

Deep Learning is not a new field in computer science. However, only recently did it become popular and widely used, thanks to the abundant computing power available in today's computers and the cloud.
This talk will cover some fundamental understanding behind neural networks and machine learning models and will demonstrate an android app that uses deep learning to diagnose pneumothorax in x-rays using the phone's camera.

Márton Braun

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Márton Braun

Android Developer


Android Tech Editor


A Kotlin enthusiast since the 1.0 of the language, and an aspiring writer, speaker, educator. Android Tech Lead and self-proclaimed Kotlin evangelist at AutSoft. Android/Kotlin tech editor for RayWenderlich.com. University student and instructor at BME-VIK, studying computer engineering while teaching Kotlin and Android. Creator of the MaterialDrawerKt and Krate libraries. I occasionally get addicted to StackOverflow.


Day 1, November 6 2019, 17.40 - 18.30

Kotlin has many features that are leaps and bounds ahead of Java. However, its primary target platform being the JVM, all of these features still need to compile to the same bytecode as Java does. Let’s take a look under the hood and see how the sweet syntactic sugar can be represented in bytecode.

 Tiberiu Csabai

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Tiberiu Csabai

Senior Software Engineer

Cognizant Softvision

Senior Software engineer @ Cognizant Softvision, passionate about Android development, interested in mobile security and Kotlin enthusiast

Hacking Android apps

Day 1, November 6 2019, 18.40 - 19.30

The talk will be an introduction into Android application reverse engineering and will walk you through decompiling, analysing, modifying and re-compiling an Android application and will provide several suggestions on what can be done to improve your Android application security.


Esteban Torres

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Esteban Torres

Core Clients Engineer


I’m a Software Developer from San José, Costa Rica. I’ve always been passionate about mobile development and OSS and realizing the lack of community in Costa Rica, I decided to start the Costa Rica chapter of CocoaHeads.
Soon after that, I had the opportunity to move to Berlin to work @ SoundCloud as an iOS Engineer. I still work there, but now as a Core Clients Engineer, encompassing not only mobile but also Back End and infrastructure work along with some tooling.

Data Repositories: Centralising and Taming Data Access

Day 2, November 7 2019, 15.30 - 16.20

For many years, the iOS data access layer @ SoundCloud while not chaotic, was not the best it could have been. There were certain established patterns to access the data layer, but every feature had to implement some bits here and there to conform to them. This translated in slow development of new features, inconsistency data access and a complex infrastructure when attempting to add features like TTL or in-memory caching layers. This talk will guide us to through the journey that Core Clients took to centralize and standardize data access layer and how it has benefitted not only the developers creating new features but also end users.

Zoltan Ulrich

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Zoltán Ulrich

Tech Lead


I’m from Cluj-Napoca. I have 12 years of work experience, out of which 10 years with iOS. During this time, I’ve had the chance to work on several projects: apps and SDKs, covering a broad range of business domains. I’m particularly enthusiastic about application design and architecture.  

Runtime plugins with JavaScript – A case study

Day 2, November 7 2019, 16.30 - 17.20

The talk will take you through what’s involved in augmenting an app’s behavior at runtime by using pure JavaScript. It’s presented in the context of a project for which my team designed and implemented cross-platform plugins. We’ll go through the low-level mechanism of JavaScript and Swift interop and then zoom out to see the overall design of the plugins within the app.

Bálint Dezső

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Bálint Dezső

Senior iOS Engineer


I am a simple man born in Romania, raised in America and living in the UK. I have been doing iOS development for 6 years now and have worked on a range of products from SDKs to UI rich apps.

Leveraging push notifications

Day 2, November 7 2019, 17.40 - 18.30

Push notifications are a powerful tool to delivery not only user facing notifications but behind the scenes information for your app. I will talk about how we use push notifications to keep badges in and out of the app up to date in real time.

Tim Condon

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Tim Condon

Founder @ Broken Hands, Server-side Swift Lead @ RayWenderlich.com

I’m a Swift developer from Manchester, UK. I’m the server-side Swift team lead at raywenderlich.com and have written the unofficial-official book on Vapor with the founders of the framework. I founded Broken Hands a few years ago and deliver talks and workshops on Vapor and server-side Swift around the world. I also co-organize the ServerSide.swift conference - the world’s first and only conference focused on server-side Swift.

Full stack development with Swift and Vapor

Day 2, November 7 2019, 18.40 - 19.30

In this talk you’ll learn why Swift can be considered as a real contender for developing on the server. We’ll discuss the benefits of Vapor and server-side Swift. In a live demo we’ll build an application to show how easy it is to use Vapor. Finally, in the demo, you’ll see how to share code between iOS and your Vapor application.